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Marine Pasture

The Group company has successfully invested in Dongying City, Shandong Province and established a professional company in commitment to the development and operation of sustainable marine farming projects. The total investment of the project is 120 million China Dollars, which has been included in the demonstration project of marine pastures at the provincial level in Shandong Province.

While actively building provincial marine pastures, the company plans to build a comprehensive ecological marine rangeland with a planned total area of 600000 mu(40 thousand hectares) and a total investment of 3 billion China dollars, combined with the characteristics of equipment and pastoral pastures. The project follows the development principle of ecological priority, land and sea as a whole, three production through, and four modernizations synchronously. The goal is to build a marine rangeland with the largest scale, many varieties and advanced model in the province, with shellfish bottom sowing as the core feature to establish a marine leisure base with distinct cultural characteristics, which is combined with the Yellow River culture into the sea, to build a new six-production demonstration base with land and sea as a whole, development of the whole industrial chain, ecological security and integration of the three industries.



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